Shell Credit Cards offer customers an efficient and easy way to purchase fuel or other goods. The company offer a number of cards to the customers. Shell Cards are issued with the purpose of different driving needs or income levels. Each card will be used to pay for gasoline and car services. Also, it may be used [...]


Shell Platinum MasterCard is gas or fuel rewards card, issued by Citibank. The Shell MC can be used by large consumers or for personal use.  While there are high gas prices today, some of us are searching for ways to cut fuel expenses. Whilst Shell offers several different cards, maybe Shell MasterCard is the popular [...]


You have a lot of options to choose an optimal gas card. Every Shell Gas Card is made for different needs. Generally, there exist two types of cards: - Shell Credit Cards – concentrated on discount and reward programs. – Shell Prepaid Cards – without any fees and opportunity for credit… If you wish to reduce [...]


Shell Account online brings many advantages to everyone. With the Internet, people can save time and cut the distance. Get important information on your account, get instant access to your current statement and even view details about specific purchases. Not only Shell oil credit card payment is possible, but it allows you to enjoy shopping at [...]


In case you have already completed the registration for a Shell account online, you are able to enter your User Area. Find links below and go to the desired one, type your user ID and password at shell credit card login page and access your account. Don’t select “Remember my password” if you aren’t using [...]


i-Pay: Shell Credit Card Payment Online

Shell Bill Payments Customers are able to pay gas card bill using the internet-based account. Shell credit card online payment and Shell fleet card payment services are provided by Citi. This service becomes available when customers are registered. So, Shell bill pay can be done by cardholders through the Citi website. As usual, the online operations [...]

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Shell Federal Credit Union

Shell Federal Credit Union became a participant managed and held cooperative providing Harris County. It offers an extensive spectrum of financial assistance & services almost free or maybe at lesser fees in comparison with standard economic organizations, such as more advantageous loans or levels upon dividends.     History The first actions for creating Shell [...]

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There may be 2 websites you are searching – 1) Shell Credit Cards general website – www. 2) ShellCreditCard Account Online for personal members – If you need to make a decision about getting the actual card, you need to review the advantages at first. Sometimes, companies offer the personal or business credit cards, [...]

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News! for Shell Fleet and Fleet Plus

The promo action from Citi Shell Credit Cards This action is for Shell Business credit cards.  In case you apply till 31 October, 2011, and you will be approved, then customers have the ability to earn up to 50$ in rebates, with Shell Fleet or Shell Fleet Plus Card. In the event you purchase fuel [...]

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Customers can use the Shel Credit Card Account Online service, which is provided by Citi.  It’s easy to navigate through the account. You can enter the registration or login page for your existing Shell Credit Card Account Online. Login for Personal Members – www.Shellcreditcard.Accountonline.Com   Login for Business Members  - www.ShellFleetCard.Accountonline.Com You only have to [...]

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